The 2021 FENS Regional Meeting in Kraków has two goals:

to bring together presentations of the latest advances in neuroscience

and to create opportunities for building collaborative networks.


Call for symposia


Plenary speakers:

John P. Donoghue Amita Sehgal Riitta Hari ▪ Tamás F. Freund ▪ Naomi A. Fineberg


Focus topics:

    Neurobiology of addiction

    Neurobiology of social behaviors

    Plasticity in the human brain

    Synapses and synaptic plasticity 

    Neuromodulation and neuroimaging: state of the art

    Correlates of brain states: norm and pathology

    Biological clocks and chronobiology


Scientific Symposia and 3 Poster Sessions presenting the latest developments in:

Neuroscience ▪ Neurobiology ▪ Neurology ▪ Neuropsychology ▪ Neurophysiology



Congress Organizers



 Honorary Patronage
of the Mayor of the City of Kraków
Jacek Majchrowski