our lecturers Riitta Hari

Riitta Hari

MD PhD, Prof. emerita of Systems Neuroscience and Human 
Brain Imaging, Academician of Science.
Aalto University, Finland. 


Riitta Hari was trained in medicine and clinical neurophysiology at the University of Helsinki. She has been leading research on systems-level neuroscience and human neuroimaging since early 1980s at the Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University). Hari’s team has developed magnetoencephalography (MEG) on a broad basis for tracking activation sequences in the human brain, thereby assessing human sensory, motor, cognitive and social functions, with applications in both basic research and clinical diagnostics. Hari's special interests include two-person neuroscience, the dynamics of human brain function and most recently also the relationship between neuroscience and art.